Steph (grrl_next_door) wrote in thesteeldonut,

Part time work: Transcription? Respite Care?

I recently moved out on my own and am kind of broke.
I'm looking into getting a part time job. I'm a teacher so it would have to be on evenings and weekends. I am kind of picky though, because it can't be too demanding or stressful and take away from my full-time job, and I also have other things I'm committed to (volunteering).
What would be ideal is something flexible where you can work from home - such as transcription (I type very fast!). A friend of mine did this before. Does anyone know of transcription places that may be hiring part time?
Another thing I'm looking into is respite care. I know an organization that hired for this in Guelph, but I haven't lived in Hamilton a long time so am not familiar with what is here.
Or if you have any other ideas feel free to throw them my way.
Thanks. :)

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